Nicole Bakker

Center for Bits and Atoms

Nicole is a first year graduate student in the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Her research is about circular (bio)materials and advanced manufacturing for sustainable industrial applications and the built environment.

Previously, Nicole was awarded a Fulbright and Ivy Circle Scholarship for her Master in Design Engineering at Harvard (2018). She received a B.S. in Structural Engineering with honors (2015) while simultaneously bringing together policymakers, designers and engineers with her earlier work on integrated solar PV in historical buildings.


The Nature of Mathematical Modeling (2023)
How to Make (Almost) Anything (2021)
How to Grow (Almost) Anything (2018)
Design Across Scales and Disciplines (2017)


Photovoltaics in Historical Built Environments - Interactive Design Manual (2013) ISBN:9789491790034

Other initiatives

Co-founder of Circular Statisics, an open database for energy and CO2 performance of materials.

Founder of Circular Engine, a sustainable design consultancy.

Organizer and designer at the Global Community Bio Summit (2017-18)